Hot Laminator Model FY1600
Category: Laminator  Publish Time: 2011-06-22 16:59 

Hot Laminator Model FY1600
● Cost low to USD0.3 per square meter.
Bright in color, and in good reproduction.
● Good in surface flatness,
no fold, no bubble, no dustiness.
●With the laminating speed up to 200sqm/hr.
time saving, space saving, labor saving .
●Reduce probllems of waste Disposal after use.
● With 2 laminating options of operation in Heat or cold mode.
●Wide applacition in use, much suitable for indoor printing work.
● Laminate membrane on variety of printed materials, photo paper, and pieces.

Control panel is by computer controller, which light touching the key operate, this feature is peculiar to our company. With advanced design, better appearance and practical.
● Reversible working platform, for convenient maintenance and space saving.
● Adjustable rotating roller, ensure a fine smooth surface without fold, without bubble.
● Adjustable automatic rolling system of swelling mechanism, ensures a fine rollup materials without distortion, labour saving and space saving.
● Leaning preventing T-square, a feature of great originality in the industry which is designed to prevent the deviation. convenient in use.
●The passive membrane feeding system of swelling mechanism, increases the Ductility of membrane and makes the surface more smooth.
●With backup bracket, easy to take, help saving your minimal resources available.
●One machine with 2 working mode, the base-paper automatic swelling roller for cold laminating, easy and fast to operate, help to save time and manpower.

Application:  After printing equipment. Available for Ad. Shop, photographic and copy shop to do lamination work, adding a protective layer on books cover, photographic, color pages, documents, charts, drawings, indoor advertising products, etc.

Applicable Laminating Medium: Photopaper, self adhesive PP, backlit film or transparent film.

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